UNICA is the largest online platform promoting International Student mobilisation. We are now investing in technology for a 360-degree growth of High Schools and allow them to offer truly international exposure to their students.

We understand that High Schools plays a vital role in the life of every human who gets the privilege to get educated. Schools in the 21st century are facing hard times due to extreme change management due to advancement in technology, changes related to learning requirements, personal interests, skill requirements, a paradigm shift in Socio-Economic demographics and the cumulative impact of all these on students expectations.

While everyone at the schools is busy in handling that change management. We offer our expertise in introducing international elements in the school to allow students to have necessary and positive exposure. Such exposure that enables them to perform and succeed in the extraordinarily cosmopolitan and internationalised work and learning environments

UNICA High School Certification

Reputed High Schools can now apply for UNICA High School Certification Programme. This elite community of high schools will get special recognition in the academic industry amongst top-rated global institutions. It will demonstrate that such High Schools are ready for the necessary internationalisation and offer global opportunities to their students.

Which High Schools can join this elite community?
  • A school that offers qualification equivalent to Senior Secondary, A-Levels or Diploma that makes the student eligible to apply for Higher Education at the University for Under Graduate Courses.
  • A school that wishes to offer the opportunity to its students to interact with International educationists to make an informed career choice
  • A school who wants to engage international education actors in improving the delivery, experience or content of its qualifications.
Benefits of the Certification
  • Organise up to 5 International Subject-specific seminars each year
  • Get Invitations to attend one of our international forums to meet international universities and high schools for collaborations
  • Get listed amongst 40,000 International Education Experts from 160 countries.
  • Get scholarships and direct application system for your students
  • Receive your prestigious certification status from UNICA, SINGAPORE
  • Allow your students to apply for UNICA scholarship programme
How to Register for Certification?
  • Submit the Certification request using our webpage
  • We will review your details, and one of the advisors will contact you within 72 working hours
  • We may request for an online interview with the Principal or the coordinator
  • If provided information meets the standards, and we can complete our verification, we will issue the Certification and send it to you

Please note you require the following documentation to fill up your certification application form. Make sure you have the soft copy of the following documents ready to complete the application process.

  • Accreditation Certificate to offer the Qualification
  • The CV of Coordinator for this programme

Annual Cost of Certification: 0 USD - (Membership by Invitation Only)

We look forward to seeing you in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.