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Yes, Procurement budget is the only cost to use UNICA, and it is 100% RISK-FREE. Using our two decades of experience in Education Mobility and handling millennium generation on digital platforms. We have enabled our Student Interaction Portals to digitally engage, filter and find out students who are interested in studying abroad and with expert human intervention for verification, validating intentions and support in choosing the programmes we will be able to generate 100% complete and compliant DIRECT applications for your institution.

Procurement Budget

It is the predefined budget to recruit each student directly using our portals or from verified channel partners. The Institution pays it only six weeks after the successful enrolment of the student. It is used for three main purposes

a) Digital Media Promotions and cost of man-hours spent on generating complete application
b) Rewarding the student with an additional scholarship
C) Compensation towards the Engagement of the Channel Partner ( High School or Verified Recruiter)

Read the example below to understand it better.

Example A: Let me explain using an example: If the course fee of a programme is 10,000$ and the procurement budget for each student is 1500$. Now the student will pay to the university full 10,000$ to enrol. However, if UNICA has incurred a cost of 500$ on digital media promotions and man hours to generate a completed application as per the norms of the institution, the remaining 1000$ will be given back to the student as Scholarship by UNICA. The system is 100% transparent, and you can see how much money is given to each student from your online account.

Example B: In continuation of Example A, if the institution offers a standard 2000$ scholarship to all the students from a specific country/for a particular course / or with specific merit. But keep in mind that the procurement budget for each student is 1500$. In that case the eligible student will pay to enrol 8000$ ( 10,000- 2,000), since the institution has provided a scholarship of 2000$ However, if UNICA has still incurred a cost of 500$ on digital media promotions and man hours to generate a completed application as per the norms of the institution, the remaining 1000$ will be given back to the student as Scholarship by UNICA. So Student will in total benefits for 3000$ ( 2000$ University Scholarship + 1000$ Reward from UNICA ) Thus, we are able to attract more High-Quality direct applicants for you.

Example C: In case student was added to UNICA by a channel partner and not by our portal promoting scholarship in that case, the procurement budget will be used to directly compensate the Channel Partner responsible for proving the student information to us. Channel Partner can be a Partner High School or Verified Recruiter. However, all the applications are directly vetted by the experts at UNICA.

Yes, the scholarships offered by us are on top of standard awards provided by your institution. This is to incentivise the student to use the portal and apply directly. Read the example in the previous question to understand it better. Also keep in mind a lot of applicants apply using channel partner and they are not eligible for our scholarships thus your scholarships are very important to promote your courses.

The student is the final decision maker as they are engaged on the portal to choose an Institution independently. The higher budget would mean Higher Scholarships for the students or higher compensation for channel partner and more direct promotions to keep the student engaged in experiencing high conversion and success. You can always speak to our advisor to find out the ideal budget to expect reasonable result based which is always based on the Country, Courses Offered and Ranking of the Institution. IT IS HOWEVER RECOMMENDED THAT IN CASE YOU USE CONSULTANTS TO RECRUIT INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, THEN THIS AMOUNT SHALL NOT BE LESS THAN STANDARD COMMISSION YOU OFFER TO YOUR PARTNER CONSULTANT. If you do not use Consultants for student recruitments in that case it usually starts from 10% of the annual tuition fee.

Yes, we are aggregators of Student Interaction portals so it does not impact us what channel partners you use for processing your students. Similar to when you assign a budget to promote your courses on FACEBOOK or Using Exhibitions the outcome is a student lead which can be processed using any channel partners. Similarly, our portal will generate 100% completed application and you can decide to choose a channel to handle it.

THIS IS NOT YOUR SCHOLARSHIP, It is a budget used by UNICA and some part of it used as UNICA scholarship case of student apply directly to our scholarship portal. You do not have to offer any scholarships as an Institution. You need to assign the procurement budget to attract and engage students directly. Like you would do if you want to advertise or promote yourself on Social Media, Exhibitions and other portals but the difference is we take the RISK for you and ask for the payment of pre-decided budget only 6 weeks after the enrolment of the student but also give the Scholarship to the students out of the procurement budget itself. In case of a doubt watch the video " How it works" or read the examples above.

No, the account has to be created by the University only. If you are an exclusive agent/ partner / country office, in that case, University can create a user and provide access to you.

Our student interaction portals expertise in technology for student identification and filtration for obtaining scholarships, we do the end to end service to disburse the scholarship funds raised from several corporate and government donors. If we only use the funds from these donors in that case only 0.25% of our traffic receive the scholarship grants from our portal thus UNICA model enables us to help Institutions to engage with the students directly and have targeted market reach out without any upfront cost. But the Procurement fee raised on sucess allows us to give at least some scholarship to 100% students who apply using our portal. As an investor funded portal, the idea is to maximise the number of scholarships we can offer to the students engaged on the portal.

Students applying using a channel partner do not benefit from the scholarships, however, every student is directly vetted and filtered by the experts at UNICA.

There is no selling in the process, the student is able to make an independent choice and the institution is able to engage with the student directly from the point of interest to enrolment directly at any point of time. Also, limited number of students may also receive additional grants from the corporate and government donors who are engaged on our portals.

We also engage Certified Recruiters and reputed High Schools to generate the applications using the UNICA platform. We are a non-competitive scholarship portal for any channel partner or consultant.

Factors Distinguishing these two models Traditional Agent UNICA MODEL
Can I see how many students are engaged in the courses offered by my institutions? No Yes
Can I see these students profiles? No Yes
Can I directly engage these students in webinars or activities by sending them notifications? No Yes
Technology driven engagement of Verified Channel Partners ( High Schools and Recruiters ) No Yes
Is counselling sales oriented? Yes No
100% transparent technology-driven platform No Yes

It is not a scholarship offered by the Institution. It is a scholarship provided by UNICA to the students using its SIPs (Student Interaction Portals)

You DO NOT PAY. The risk of success is on us.

We guarantee the reach out. If your procurement budget is ideal for attracting the students and you support us to provide relevant information to students and keep them engaged, then it is hard to miss on results based on the demand trends on the portal.

Yes, it is free to Sign up, and you do not have to pay anything. We only charge for promotions ( procurement Budget) once the student successfully enrols with you.

Yes, it is 100% transparent system. Also use our smart traffic monitors to find out how many students are eligible, interested and have budgets for enrolling in your courses to plan your marketing effectively.

Yes, your dashboard on UNICA will permit you to filter students based on their preferences, budget and courses of interest. Also, you are only advertised directly to the students on our student interaction portals once your account is activated to UNICA without any extra cost.

However, if your institution decides independently to run additional promotions, Banners and visibility on the portal, you have to pay the cost depending on the country in which you wish to promote as the prices may vary for each portal.

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